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Preventing Wrinkles

Preventing Wrinkles

Stage 1 - PreventBest Treatment is Prevention
with Sunblock and avoiding sun.

Stage 2 - RestoreReverse the process of sun damage, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. Restorative methods using retinoids and antioxidants.

Prescriptive home care regimen…Time to stop using over the counter products. Most mild photo damage will only require prescriptive products.

**You may not be able to see this damage, but it is often there. Please click here to schedule your free consultation.

Stage 3 - RepairCorrection of wrinkles, skin laxity and loss of facial volume. Time to take reparative measures ranging from:


Here is a study between identical twins.
One the left side of this picture, you’ll see the first twin has little exposure to the sun,
in contrast to the other twin on the right side of the picture.

Example of what Intense Pulsed Light Laser can do for Photo Damage.
Click here for more before and after photos.