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FAQS Neograft Hair Transplant Newark

What is Neograft?

Neograft is a new automated hair transplantation system which allows harvesting of micrografts (1,2 and 3 follicles) during a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant. It dramatically improves the overall speed and accuracy of your hair transplant compared to other previous manual extraction instruments.

How is Neograft performed?

Neograft uses a foot controlled pneumatic device to carefully slide out the micrografts and thus avoid pulling or twisting that can risk damaging the hair follicle grafts. Your micrograft can be re-implanted in a shorter time period keeping them more healthier and robust thus creating a more natural looking hairline.

How soon will I see results?

You will see some results right away of which some if not most of the transplanted hair follicular grafts may shed after two to four weeks. The newly planted hair grafts will start to regrow three to four months later for final completed results after nine  to twelve months. The hair follicles that are transplanted from the hair in the back of the head continue to naturally  grow. These transplanted hair follicles are living tissues that grow cyclically. Once the hair follicle graft has been implanted into the balding area, the grafted hair will remain in place for two to four weeks before shedding – this is a normal and important part of the new hair growth process. After the shedding, the new hair growth will begin in three to four months and your hair will continue grow normally. Some of the transplanted follicular grafts will not shed which allows for the appearance of some immediate hair rejuvenation.

How long will the hair last?

Hair loss does not stop after transplantation. The transplanted hair taken from the back of the head tends to last longer than the surrounding hairs in the transplanted area (“donor dominance theory”). Some people will need continued maintenance with low level laser helmet and topical minoxidil shampoos as well as further sessions will be required particularly if your balding pattern continues with aging. Progressive hair loss or the desire for more hair density may necessitate future hair transplantation. An estimate of the number of procedures needed will be discussed during the initial consult with the doctor.

What is FUE hair transplantation?

F.U.E. or Follicular Hair Extraction is a minimally invasive hair transplant method performed in office under local anesthesia. This technique allows the harvest of individual 1-3 hair follicles (micrografts) from the donor area without scalpel incision or stitch placement. This allows for a much shorter and comfortable recovery.

What are some benefits of Neograft over manual FUE technique?

The highly ergonomic mechanical Neograft system works as a natural extension of the technician’s hand allowing for faster and more accurate harvesting of hair follicles. Patients undergoing Neograft hair transplantation can now reach their goal with less time spent in the procuroom or fewer FUE procedures altogether.

Is FUE/Neograft suitable for both men and women?

Yes. Neograft hair transplantation, a minimally invasive procedure with no visible scars and short recovery period is a viable option for both men and women looking to restore their own living and growing hair through transplantation.

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