As we enter the new year, one of our most common goals is to get our bodies back into shape. Health, fitness and nutrition are paramount and it’s important to strive for basic goals.

  • Stable weight management aiming for a BMI of 25 or less
  • Try to achieve 150 minutes a week of aerobic activity
  • Eat a diet low in saturated fats and carbohydrates and supplement with Calcium, Vitamin D and other essential nutrients
  • Practice good sleep habits
  • Decrease alcohol and caffeine and avoid smoking

However, despite our best efforts, our bodies do succumb to the effects of progressive aging from prolonged sun exposure, pregnancies, hormonal changes and weight fluctuations. Sagging skin, unwanted fat pockets, loss of muscle tone and bone density all contribute to our aging bodies.

Nouveau Body is a state of the art customized program for the individual aging body that offers potential treatment options for Body Rejuvenation ranging from noninvasive, minimally invasive and invasive cosmetic procedures. Typically, noninvasive procedures are the most attractive choice due to no downtime, minimal to no risks or discomfort and most importantly, visible results. These visible results will vary from patient to patient as well as from device to device. Some will produce permanent results while others will require lifelong maintenance treatments.

As cosmetic procedure become more invasive, the results become more impressive and longer lasting. However, depending on the treatment type there will be longer recovery, more calculated risks and scars that typically fade with time.

The purpose of our Nouveau Body is to provide the full spectrum of body contouring procedures that would address the skin, fat and/or muscle component of the aging body. With proper evaluation and education under the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon, a well informed customized treatment plan is created to address the individual’s need. Although highly sought after noninvasive cosmetic treatments such as Coolsculpting and Kybella may create pleasing rejuvenating results, they will not deliver the same impressive and longlasting results seen with cosmetic surgery. The key is managing the individual’s expectations through proper evaluation, education and discussion to hopefully deliver a satisfying outcome to a well informed patient.

Nouveau Body Treatment Options

Noninvasive Body Rejuvenation – no downtime, minimal risks, no needle injections, no scars, little to no discomfort, more than one treatment, permanent for fat reduction up to 24% but not always predictable, skin tightening not permanent requiring maintenance treatments, results not always predictable for skin tightening, muscle contouring very predictable and quite impressive especially in patients with BMI 25 and under and does require maintenance upon request. At Nouveau Body, we will take a comprehensive approach evaluating and treating, if indicated, all 3 components of your body’s composition of FAT, SKIN and MUSCLE

Because everyone’s body is unique, the body’s tissues both fat and skin may respond differently to different forms of energy sources. Unlike noninvasive technology, invasive cosmetic procedures produce results that are more predictable and impressive because fat is physically removed and artistically reshaped through liposuction and loose skin is surgically cut away. But one needs to keep in mind the added risks and downtime when making their final decision of what treatment approach they want to take.

Noninvasive Fat Reduction – noninvasive energy delivered to the body’s fat cells resulting in “self destruction” and the body “clears away” the fat to create up to 24% fat reduction

  • Coolsculpting – cold temperature is energy source; most recognized due to heavy marketing strategy; effective for areas where if one “can squeeze it, you can freeze it”, good for flanks (love handles), abdomen (belly rolls), and other areas of bra rolls, arms, neck and thighs; recommend 2 treatments per area spaced 2 weeks apart but can see visible results after one; some discomfort noted with treatments on the abdomen but not often; rare complications (paradoxical hyperplasia)

  • Ultrashape Power – deep targeted ultrasound is energy source; the most “customized” fat reduction device using a camera to map out and treat the exact area of “targeted” fat reduction; potentially gives the most aesthetically pleasing visual outcomes especially on the “younger” tummy that has no visible creases or rolls to start out with; recommend up to 3 treatments per area spaced 2 weeks apart; most common area treated is the abdomen but can treat flanks, back and thighs as well; no discomfort reported and no complications reported

  • Vanquish Me – radiofrequency(RF) is energy source to target the fat cells at the same time the RF targets the collagen to produce a skin tightening effect as well as fat reduction; its 3 panel design enables a larger area to be targeted at one time such as the abdomen and both flanks; recommend 4-6 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart; abdomen and flanks most common areas treated but also can treat the back and thighs; no discomfort or complications reported

  • BodyFX – radiofrequency (RF) is combined with negative suction to deliver a much higher focused energy source to a specific treatment area to create both fat reduction and skin tightening which also makes BodyFX very effective in treating cases of mild to moderate cellulite; because the design of this device allows for a smaller treatment area, BodyFX appears to deliver the most impressive fat reduction/skin tightening results; the design of the BodyFX handpiece allows a versatile area of small to medium size treatment areas such as central abdomen around umbilicus, flanks, bra fat, saddle bags and banana roll thighs, knees, arms and neck; recommend 4-6 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart; no discomfort or complications reported






So what is the “best” body contouring treatment option for me?

  • Make sure you have maximized your healthy approach to diet and exercise
  • Identify realistic goals for your individual body contouring needs
  • Set up a consultation to discuss your individual concerns and undergo a proper evaluation to determine if your concerns can be addressed with one of the many treatment options available whether noninvasive, minimally invasive or invasive
  • Since noninvasive devices rely on different “energy” sources to create changes in your body’s fat tissues, people need to realize that their own individual body tissue may respond differently from person to person. Some people’s bodies respond exceptionally well to energy devices, some energy sources better than others. However, some individuals may not respond to the potential fat reducing effects of energy devices. This is in contrast to more invasive procedures where the unwanted fat is predictably mechanically removed and remaining body tissue can be artistically reshaped
  • The obvious attraction to noninvasive fat reduction devices is no downtime, minimal to no risks and in many cases, obtaining some some pretty impressive results. The most important consideration is patient education, identifying and managing realistic goals and expectations and achieving patient satisfaction.