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LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy can treat a range of skin care concerns including acne, fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation, bruising, swelling and with medication can also treat pre-cancerous lesions called actinic keratosis. LED therapy is easy, inexpensive and safe. There are three different LED light therapies utilized at Nouveau Cosmetic Center including blue, red and infra-red lights. Each LED light setting treats different skin care concerns.


  • Treats acne with no products
  • Improves wrinkles and fine lines
  • Aids in healing for surgery and skin treatments
  • Decreases bruising and swelling
  • Improves broken capillaries
  • Can be combined with medication to treat pre-cancer cells
  • No downtime

Blue LED light therapy treats acne. The key to acne production is often bacteria. The bacterium produces a chemical called poryphyrins, which are sensitive to light at different wavelengths. Blue LED light therapy neutralizes the bacteria that cause the redness and inflammation of acne. Blue LED light therapy is a great choice for those that suffer from product sensitivity and for teenagers suffering from acne.

Red and infra-red LED light therapy is used to improve wrinkles, inflammation, bruising and swelling. With age, the cells that generate collagen and elastin start to slow down. Red and infra-red LED light therapy targets cells which are specifically responsible for the syntheses and repair of the skin’s collagen and elastin leading to softening of fine lines and skin tone. Infra-red LED therapy is often used after surgery, fillers or laser resurfacing to reduce bruising and swelling and aid in a faster recovery and healing.

The medications Metvixia and Levulan which both treat pre-cancerous cells (actinic keratosis) are both used in conjunction with blue and red LED light therapy to activate the medication. If individuals have multiple pre-cancerous lesions on the face and chest, this in-office procedure can dramatically reduce these lesions without surgery.

LED light therapy treatments are customized to meet your skin care concerns. Often different light therapies are combined to maximize your results and address multiple skin care concerns at once. LED light therapy is safe, effective and has no downtime.